Do you want to live your dream life? The English Room believes self-empowerment is the key to happiness. Empowered people believe in themselves. Empowered people are brave. Empowered people live their best lives.

We believe strong communication is empowering. Our courses strengthen your speaking skills, enhance your communication and connect you with the world.

We want to empower people. We want to empower you!

Ready to Become a Confident Public Speaker?

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • You want to improve your speaking and presentation skills

  • You want to feel confident speaking in public

  • You want to know how to write a great speech

  • You want a compelling and authentic online course that uses proven method

  • You want to learn the art of persuasion

  • You want to enter competitions and seize opportunities at work and school

Brooke Hardwick

Meet Your Teacher

Brooke has taught English language and literature in Government and International schools across four continents since 1998. She’s qualified with a Bachelor of Secondary Education majoring in English Literature and a TESOL Certificate. She has decades’ experience teaching native and non-native English students in England, Scotland, Australia and Hong Kong with expertise in curriculum development.

Brooke is also a writer, with work published in journals, books, blogs and magazines. She knows the value of advanced English skills and their ability to improve one’s life.

Brooke has modelled The English Room from her experience creating English rooms in schools worldwide. When times changed and the opportunities for face-to-face learning diminished, she designed an online space that would mimic the traditional English classroom. As such, there’s a focus on practical activity-based learning and engaging video-guided lessons, worksheets and workbooks. Brooke focuses on improving your English through skills such as debating, public speaking and drama, instead of tedious tasks from textbooks.

With her wealth of experience and global perspective, Brooke provides English education that is both innovative and based on sound educational theory. You won’t find better English skills education anywhere else online! All you have to do is sign up to The English Room and transform your life!

Brooke Hardwick



  • All lessons, worksheets, booklets, case studies and videos

  • An expert teacher with both global experience and qualifications

  • Immediate access to course material for an entire year

  • Lessons that are fun, engaging and self-paced

  • Proven Step-by-Step Method

  • Certificate of Completion

What makes The English Room different?

Most online English Skills Courses are provided by inexperienced tutors

The English Room blows them out of the water! With in-depth lessons, and hours of guided instruction, our packages bring the classroom to you! Designed and delivered by a senior teacher with formal credentials and global experience, The English Room sets the golden standard in online education.


“Brooke's classes made me feel supported, listened to, encouraged and appreciated. She individually cared for us and catered to our specific learning styles, differentiating her lessons to suit all students. She didn't approach teaching as a one-size-fits-all, and this is something I will implement in my teaching style when I graduate with a Master's of Primary Education this year. I hope my students can feel the same way I did about attending classes with Brooke. She has inspired me to become a teacher and continue the lessons she taught me to future generations.”

Australian Student

Megan Peacock

“Miss Hardwick is one of the kindest teachers I've ever met, and thanks to her, I was able to enhance my English, including writing and speaking. Through workshops with her, I discovered my drama and public speaking talents. I also learnt logical thinking and how to prepare a speech for numerous events, such as Debating and Speech Day! ”

Hong Kong Student

Alvin Chung

“With Miss Hardwick, I learned beneficial English skills that have helped me in life. She taught me to write concisely and speak confidently. Her teaching style was interactive and intriguing. I felt deeply motivated to improve despite all difficulties. I now study at university, and the improvement in my English abilities has enabled me to communicate with native English speakers fluently. I also could complete my essays and speaking assignments in university with no problem. ”

Hong Kong Student

Mike Wong

“Beaming with charisma and personality, Brooke engaged her classes with energy and enthusiasm that transferred to her students. Her lessons showed me how to write effectively, compellingly, and concisely which helped me exceed through academia and beyond. ”

Australian Student

Rob Knaggs

“Miss Hardwick is a really passionate and energetic teacher. The speaking skills she taught me were really practical. In fact, these speaking skills play an important role in my conversations with native English speakers and academic discussions at school. Most importantly, her energetic teaching style made focusing in her class a piece of cake. ”

Hong Kong Student

Chelsea Lai


  • Do I need to be a native English speaker to enrol?

    The courses are designed for everyone! You can benefit from the skills developed in each course if you are either a native or a non-native English speaker.

    Suppose you’re a native English speaker who wants to improve your subject results, enter competitions and broaden your career opportunities. In that case, these courses are for you! I’ve taught students in England, Scotland and Australia with impressive results!

    If you’re a non-native English speaker who wants to improve your English, enter competitions and increase your opportunities for study abroad, then these courses are for you! The lessons are well-paced and include video instructions, offering the same support you would usually receive from an English language (NET) teacher in school. I have taught these courses for many years in Hong Kong. My students have gone on to win competitions and gain acceptance into universities abroad.

    # Students require an intermediate level of English to get the most out of the course.

  • What does the course fee include?

    The payment grants immediate and complete access to the course materials. You can pay either monthly for 12 months or one fee upfront and save 20%.

    This includes academically rigorous and fun activity-based coursework. You’ll have access to video-guided lessons, PDF worksheets (downloadable), the video guides to those worksheets, quizzes after every lesson and a certificate of completion.

    You'll also have access to BONUS PDF workbooks (downloadable), the video guides to those workbooks, case studies, and more.

    The course material is designed to supply everything a face-to-face English Language/Literature teacher would typically provide in a classroom. There are hours and hours of instruction included, and everything is designed according to proven educational theory. Instead of paying an inexperienced tutor high hourly rates for weeks on end, the transformation package instantly entitles you to an entire program!

    #Prices are in USD

  • Can I see a sample lesson?

    Yes! Subscribe to our YouTube Channel for free videos every week. You can find it on the top banner of this page.

  • What are the courses like?

    I have decades’ experience teaching, and I know what works! The courses in The English Room are well-paced, energetic and visually appealing. The lessons are easy to understand, and you can pause and rewind whenever you need to. Each lesson builds your skills, so you are always improving. There are quizzes to check your understanding at the end of each lesson and certificates on completion. The step-by-step guides are instructional and informative, and the examples are international. I love teaching, and I want my students to feel relaxed and have fun!

  • Who are the courses designed for?

    I know that many people fear public speaking. These courses are designed for you!

    The English Room is a place for any person who wants to improve their speaking, boost their confidence and improve their lives.

    The courses are great for people who want to enter English Debating, Drama and Public Speaking competitions. They're also suitable for people who need to write and make presentations in English. If you want to enter competitions, improve your grades, or gain confidence speaking English, The English Room is the place to be!

  • Is there a way to show that I’ve completed the courses?

    Yes! After completing all of the modules, you will receive a certificate of completion. As this certificate is supplied by a qualified registered teacher, the certificate is an excellent addition to your resume!

  • Can I access the course on my mobile device?

    Yes! You can access the course on your mobile, tablet or computer. All you need is an internet connection. Your course fee entitles you to one-year complete access.

  • I have a question that isn’t answered here. Can you help me?

    I sure can! Just email me at brookehardwickwriter@gmail.com. I will do my utmost to answer your enquiry promptly. I’m here to help!

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