Public Speaking for Schools

We all want the best for our students, but the last few years have presented challenges no teacher could have predicted.

Many schools have lost teaching time, and teachers have noticed a sharp decline in the speaking skills of their students.

How can we help students rebuild their speaking skills and confidence and improve their outcomes?

Developing programs designed for online learning would help, but that takes time and expertise. Hiring more staff would also help, but highly qualified and experienced teachers are difficult to find.

What if I could provide a solution?

Instead of paying an entire year's salary for one native speaking English teacher, why not purchase a year-long online course designed by a NET teacher instead?

The Educator Package helps you deliver English speaking skills to your entire cohort. It can be delivered both in person and online. It doesn't require teacher training. It doesn't require hiring new staff.

Australian, I hold a Bachelor of Secondary Education majoring in English literature and a TESOL Certificate. I have several decades of experience teaching native and non-native English students from Junior to Senior Secondary. I hold current teacher registration in Hong Kong, Australia and The Netherlands, and I've worked as a high-school English teacher in Australia, England, Scotland and Hong Kong.

I'm qualified to teach in your school, so my course provides the same high standard of education that your students and school community expect.

The English Room Educator Package is the solution to declining English speaking skills. Included are 40 weeks of lessons guaranteed to enhance student outcomes. Your students will improve their English results, win competitions and become confident again.

Why not invest in a virtual teacher who can support your entire school for a fraction of the cost. Future-proof your English speaking curriculum. Buy the Educator Package today!

The English Room Founder
Brooke Hardwick

Courses to Empower Your Students

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • Your student's English speaking skills have declined after too much time off campus

  • Your school has lost access to its native English speaking English teacher (NET)

  • Your students need supplementary lessons with an expert teacher to improve their speaking skills

  • You want to support your teachers with a complete English speaking program that can be taught in class and online without teacher training

  • You want your students to enter public speaking and debating competitions with a competitive edge

  • You want to provide your students with educational programs designed by a qualified and experienced educator

  • You want to reassure parents that you're helping students catch up after time away from school

  • You want your students to feel engaged and positive about learning

  • You want to allocate your English curriculum budget to resources that will improve student outcomes

Created by Founder Brooke Hardwick

Brooke has taught English language and literature in Government and International schools across four continents since 1998. She’s qualified with a Bachelor of Secondary Education majoring in English Literature and a TESOL Certificate. She has decades’ experience teaching native and non-native English students in England, Scotland, Australia and Hong Kong with expertise in curriculum development.

Brooke is also a writer, with work published in journals, books, blogs and magazines. She knows the value of advanced English skills and their ability to improve one’s life.

Brooke has modelled The English Room from her experience creating English rooms in schools worldwide. When times changed and the opportunities for face-to-face learning diminished, she designed an online space that would mimic the traditional English classroom. As such, there’s a focus on practical activity-based learning and engaging video-guided lessons, worksheets and workbooks. Brooke focuses on improving your English through skills such as debating, public speaking and drama, instead of tedious tasks from textbooks.

With her wealth of experience and global perspective, Brooke provides English education that is both innovative and based on sound educational theory. You won’t find better English skills education anywhere else online! All you have to do is sign up to The English Room and transform your life!

Brooke Hardwick


The Educator Package Includes

  • Video Guided Lessons and Worksheets

  • 40 Week Program | Content for an Entire Year

  • Downloadable Resources for Class and Homework

  • Licensed For Your Entire School Cohort

  • Designed by a Qualified Teacher

  • Certificates of Completion for Student Portfolios

Pricing Options for Educational Use

Along with our regular flat rate we offer a monthly payment plan. Pay upfront and save 10%! Choose the pricing option that's right for you.

Why Invest in the Educator Package?

Every school wants to allocate their budget to products and programs that improve student outcomes. A course designed and taught by a native English-speaking English teacher is a great asset to your entire school. Because every lesson has video instruction and pedagogically proven resources, students receive the highest standard of language learning. The Educator Package can be delivered across all year levels, both in class and online, to maximise the impact of your investment. For the price of one program, every student in your school can improve their English speaking skills. Teachers win. Students win. Everyone wins.

Two Complete English Speaking Courses Included
Valued at $6999! Now only $3440!

40 Week Program

All this included!

  • Complete Public Speaking course and complete Debating Course

  • 40 weeks of lessons ( a full year of instruction)

  • Programs designed by a qualified teacher with a Bachelor of Education and over 25 years of global experience

  • Lessons that can be facilitated by a supplementary teacher when a core teacher is absent

  • Lessons designed for educational use in both the classroom and online

  • All lessons, resources, quizzes and certificates included with no teacher training required

  • Insider tips to give your students the competitive edge in speaking and debating competitions

  • Culturally sensitive and globally appropriate content

  • One-time payment that provides unlimited access for one year for your entire school cohort (in an educational setting)

  • Bonus content including workbooks and case study analysis


“Brooke's classes made me feel supported, listened to, encouraged and appreciated. She individually cared for us and catered to our specific learning styles, differentiating her lessons to suit all students. She didn't approach teaching as a one-size-fits-all, and this is something I will implement in my teaching style when I graduate with a Master's of Primary Education this year. I hope my students can feel the same way I did about attending classes with Brooke. She has inspired me to become a teacher and continue the lessons she taught me to future generations.”

Australian Student

Megan Peacock

“Miss Hardwick is one of the kindest teachers I've ever met, and thanks to her, I was able to enhance my English, including writing and speaking. Through workshops with her, I discovered my drama and public speaking talents. I also learnt logical thinking and how to prepare a speech for numerous events, such as Debating and Speech Day! ”

Hong Kong Student

Alvin Chung

“With Miss Hardwick, I learned beneficial English skills that have helped me in life. She taught me to write concisely and speak confidently. Her teaching style was interactive and intriguing. I felt deeply motivated to improve despite all difficulties. I now study at university, and the improvement in my English abilities has enabled me to communicate with native English speakers fluently. I also could complete my essays and speaking assignments in university with no problem. ”

Hong Kong Student

Mike Wong

“Beaming with charisma and personality, Brooke engaged her classes with energy and enthusiasm that transferred to her students. Her lessons showed me how to write effectively, compellingly, and concisely which helped me exceed through academia and beyond. ”

Australian Student

Rob Knaggs

“Miss Hardwick is a really passionate and energetic teacher. The speaking skills she taught me were really practical. In fact, these speaking skills play an important role in my conversations with native English speakers and academic discussions at school. Most importantly, her energetic teaching style made focusing in her class a piece of cake. ”

Hong Kong Student

Chelsea Lai


All your questions answered here

  • How can I justify allocating our English curriculum budget to the Educator Package?

    There comes a time every year when staff must allocate their budgets to products and programs that support learning and improve student outcomes. Often, in a rush to spend the allocated money, schools make purchases they regret.

    Textbooks are valuable for teaching writing and reading skills. Still, speaking skills are best taught by a native English speaking teacher. A course designed and taught by a native English-speaking English teacher is a great asset to your English department and your entire school. Because every lesson and worksheet in the course is accompanied by video instruction, students can receive the most pedagogically sound language learning method.

    In addition, the content is appropriate for every student in your school. I have taught these concepts from Primary to Junior and Senior Secondary with great success. A junior student can apply the same course in a persuasive speaking assignment at school and a senior student in an inter-school debate.

    You can run the courses across all year levels and maximise the impact of your investment. For the price of one program, every student in your school can improve their English speaking skills, and teachers can enhance student outcomes. To access the curriculum simply look at the two bundles (Platinum Bundle - The Ultimate Public Speaking Course and Platinum Bundle - Ultimate Debating Course) on the (For Schools) home page. Press enter and scroll down to the course curriculum. There you will have a comprehensive overview of the skills and knowledge covered in each course.

  • How can I use the package alongside our school’s existing English curriculum?

    The Educator Package of Public Speaking and Debating skills is designed to supplement and enhance your existing English curriculum. It does not replace teachers but supports them in an educational context. There are three methods your school can use to deliver the package to students.

    Method 1 - During class. Teachers can deliver the lessons via a projector and screen during lesson time. Teachers only need to log in, press play and distribute downloadable resources. Teachers can input as little or as much as they like to classroom teaching and discussion of the lessons. Most schools devote at least one lesson a week to English speaking. This program can be delivered as part of a weekly lesson. There is enough content to last 40 weeks – an entire school year.

    Method 2 – After class. Teachers can deliver the lessons as part of an extra-curricular English tutorial program. Teachers only need access to a projector and screen. Teachers could use the content to supplement a homework class after school or support programs your school has to train students for Public Speaking and Debating Competitions. Your licence entitles your school to deliver the lessons to any student enrolled in your school.

    Method 3 – Online class. Teachers can deliver the lessons as part of an online classroom. Screen share the video lessons and upload the downloadable resources to the teaching platform. Pause videos to allow for teacher and student interaction.

  • Do teachers need extra training to deliver the package?

    Teachers can deliver the lessons without any training. I provide video instruction for every lesson. The package includes video guided instructions for the worksheets, too. Of course, if a teacher wishes to facilitate student discussion, they only need to press pause. In addition, you can provide the login and password to supplementary teachers who are covering absent staff. This way, you won’t lose any valuable teaching time. You can offer your students pedagogically sound lessons when your teachers are absent.

    #Note - Purchase of The Educator Package licences an educational institution to use the program in an educational context (your entire school). This is why the price is slightly higher than a course purchased for individual use.

    Your students are also welcome to purchase a course from the main page privately. This entitles them to individual (single) use outside of an educational institution (at home).

  • My school is currently operating online. How can teachers deliver the content online?

    Teachers can deliver the Educator Package via a screen. This means it can be delivered via a screen in class or online. All teachers need to do is share their screen during their online lesson.

    There are also downloadable worksheets included with every lesson. These worksheets can also be displayed on the screen and uploaded as PDF files to your online teaching platform.

    The Educator Package is a future-proof curriculum. If your school must adjust to teach online, the program can quickly shift between the two modes of instruction. Your students won’t miss a beat, and their English speaking skills will keep up, too.

  • Do my students need to be native English speakers to complete the program?

    Students need an intermediate level of English to get the most out of the program. However, their English skills will dramatically improve after the 40-week program.

  • Do you have any evidence that this program works?

    I have been a high school English teacher for over twenty-five years. Among my student alumni are lawyers, TV stars, professors, influencers, journalists, and more. The students I’ve taught have gone on to win national competitions, perform in front of huge audiences and successfully gain entry to the finest Universities in the world.

    I’ve had numerous students report back to me on their success and claim that my lessons gave them confidence and helped them to achieve their dreams. I’ve consistently had students achieve high English subject results, win national debating and public speaking competitions and perform plays in English. Read my testimonials for a sample.

  • Are you qualified to deliver English speaking curriculum in schools?

    * I have 22 Years of experience as a high school English teacher
    * I am qualified with a Bachelor of Education, majoring in English literature
    * I am qualified with a TESOL Certificate
    * I have five years’ experience teaching as a NET teacher in a Band 1 EMI school in Hong Kong and 20 years of experience teaching English literature in the UK and Australia
    * I was the Teacher in Charge of the English Speaking Curriculum in a Band 1 school in Hong Kong for 5 years
    * I understand the unique needs of students from three continents and have experience teaching in England, Scotland, Australia and Hong Kong
    * I have links with Universities and International Student Entry departments in Australia and Europe
    * I am published in both academic and literary publications. I’ve also performed in Public Speaking competitions and Debating competitions as a student and an adult
    * I’ve coached and adjudicated Debating and Public Speaking Competitions for 25 years
    * I was the school Debating Co-ordinator for a cohort of over 2000 students in an Australian school and the Deputy in Charge of Debating in a Hong Kong school
    * I’ve coached and adjudicated in every school debating competition in Hong Kong and the major schools Debating competitions in London and Brisbane
    * I’ve developed and facilitated Professional Development Training for schools in England, Australia and Hong Kong

  • How Can the Educator Package help teachers?

    Teachers are burnt out. The demands of teaching online and supporting students off campus are incredibly stressful. Teachers are asked to do more and more with less time to do it. I know; I’m a teacher, too!

    But one thing about teaching hasn’t changed – wanting to give our students the best education possible. The English Room Educator Package helps teachers enhance their existing curriculum and improve student outcomes. When students improve their results, they increase their confidence. They are more likely to participate in speaking assessments, enter speaking competitions and become active participants in the school community.

    A happy student makes a happy teacher.

    How can teachers access the package?

    Once you create a school password, all teachers in your school can use this logon password. The Educator Package licences you and your teachers to facilitate the courses in an educational setting. Only teachers should access the password and show the lessons as part of in-person and online teaching.

    Teachers in your school can access the content concurrently and choose to work through the content at their own pace.

  • I have more questions that aren’t answered here. Can you help me?

    I sure can! Just email me at I will do my utmost to answer your enquiry promptly. I’m here to help!

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